Mostar Round-Trip

David Fisher, Israel, 2011, 73 mins 

Saturday May 5 | 2:00 PM | Vancity Theatre


David Fisher’s intimate and personal film follows his 17-year-old son Yuval as he leaves home to go to school at United World College, an international high school in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The relationship between father and son is close, contrary, and loving, but under the eye of his father’s ever-present camera, Yuval occasionally lapses into sullen adolescent mode. “You can’t expect me to feel at ease and develop intimacy when your camera is always around,” he says. As his relationships with girlfriends and classmates change and evolve, reality in the form of politics intrudes. Freshly minted experience in all its complexity, was never so warmly or more carefully captured. –DW

Almost a dozen years after his Love Inventory (2000) in which he told the world about his family and its problems, made the festival rounds, David Fisher is back behind the camera, and once again it is a family affair through and through. –Screen International




David Fisher is one of Israel’s leading documentary filmmakers. His most notable film, Love Inventory, won the Best Documentary Award at the 2000 Jerusalem International Film Festival, the Israeli Film Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2000 and had its international premiere at the 2001 Berlinale. He is the founder of the “Greenhouse” project, aimed at developing documentary films by Mediterranean filmmakers. Fisher recently completed the second and third parts of his family trilogy: Mostar Round-Trip and Six Million and One.


Friday May 4

7:00 PM Bear 71